1. A new addiction. Great listen from beginning to end. #SOHN #Tremors #musicoftheday

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  2. Nothing says “bring on the summer vibes” like Vacationer. Here’s the newest single they just dropped. Can’t wait for their new album in June!

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  3. The #FancifulFox is ready for the gallery walls. Be sure to see this and many more awesome spirit animals and totems at the #lightgreyartlab #Animystics show on April 25th #vscocam


  4. Deep bassy grooves layered with a choir of angelic female vocals. Can’t go wrong. http://www.hoodlemmusic.com


  5. Hang in there MInnesotans! There may be lots of snow, “but I know a change is gonna come.” #BenSollee #spring

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  6. My Bike Has A Name

    Many people think I’m strange for naming my bikes. They get uncomfortable with the personal connection between a human and an inanimate object.

    This is the first time I’ve rode my older bike, Malvin, a 1987 Miyata Nymbus, into the office in almost a year. His bars are wrapped with bright orange tape and his tubing is emblazoned in silver and blue paint. White, slick tires lighten the appearance of his massive 61cm frame. Malvin rides different than my other bike, Betty. His towering steel structure sways so naturally when pedaling off the saddle, and I feel as though the power on my legs doubles because of it. Turns are taken wide and smooth, like a lazy drop down a park slide. He catches eyes but is humble in his presence. Malvin is an old bike with a young soul.

    I name my bikes for two reasons:

    1. I am more likely to care for something that has a name instead of it being just a thing that I bought.
    2. There is no part of me that questions the life of my bikes. They are characters that contain just as much personality and reliance as a good friend (they’re just a bit quieter). 

    I know cyclists understand where I’m coming from with this. There is a connection that everyone builds with their bike; a connection that’s hard to break. The bike becomes a innate part of a person’s life. Not many who ride can deny that. 

    With that in mind, maybe it’s time to give a name to that “bike.”


  7. Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas.
    — Paula Poundstone  (via observando)

  8. 30dob:

    The Start of 30 Days

    Happy April 1st—and the first day of 30 Days of Biking! I’m so excited to kick-off daily April blog posts submitted by an awesome team of bloggers from around the globe. From illustrators to podcasters, filmmakers to song writers, follow the 30DOB Tumblr as our community of joyful cyclists pedals through April.

    Katrina Wollet, Editor in Chief

    April 1 | By Jesse Lindhorst

    It’s the thaw and the start of cycling season and, even though snow is falling and people are cursing, “Nature is cruel! April Fools’ prank!,” this is the beginning of something so many have been waiting for—30 Days of Biking.

    There is nothing more exhilarating than (for the non-winter warriors) to dust off the helmet, pump up the tires, and hop on the saddle for the first real ride. Weight from the grey winter days is shed from both shoulders. Lungs expand with the freshest air and the heart bursts with joy. Expressions flip from stagnant frowns to immeasurable smiles. How could there be anything better?

    Bikers are now awake from hibernation, and they’re hungry for pavement, gravel, and mud. 

    So, let’s ride!

    Jesse Lindhorst is a Minneapolis-based illustrator, graphic designer and screen-printer. He’s also the eye behind 30 Days of Biking visuals this year. He rides his bike for the simple enjoyment of feeling completely free.


  9. #Repost of @anhaica’s awesome bags that utilize the patch I worked on with Lucas for @bunyanvelo! A great looking application. Life is for riding!


    I couldn’t be more thrilled about this collaboration with @bunyanvelo, these patches co- design by Lucas and Jesse Lindhorst are so beautiful and I feel honored to put together 25 tool rolls sporting them. I am sending them off today so stay on the look out for them on Bunyanvelo.com. In fact you should probably go ahead and go there now and check out the breathtaking digital magazine but don’t blame me when you get nothing else done today.
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  10. I give you the chubby Toothlessauras Rex. #awkwardanimalcrackers #doodle #vscocam


  11. Can’t wait to print this baby over the weekend! @gardensandvilla #gigposter


  12. Hit repeat! @gardensandvilla #DUNES

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  13. Tuesday #MillCityMuseum #vscocam


  14. My entry postcard for the #Almanzo100. Bring it on! @almanzo


  15. Design tools for the day. This brush pen is my favorite thing to draw with right now. #process #vscocam