1. The original cover is by John Schoenherr

    Finally getting around to posting my latest piece for the Station Zero show at the Light Grey Art Lab. The concept of this show was to take a classic sci-fi novel, read it (optional, considering I didn’t quite have the time to finish it), and reinterpret the cover art in my own vision. The only rule was the final piece needed to include all the information / copy / icons of the original cover.

    I was ecstatic about the potential of this project. The book I was given was John Brunner’s “Meeting At Infinity,” a tale of a world ruled by a group of individuals who monopolize rifts through space and time as to gain and sell goods to the rest of the world.

    I originally wanted to find a favorite passage or scene in the book to portray but on account that I didn’t finish the story I opted to recreating the creature from the original cover. Even though the original art was already quite dark and surreal, I wanted to play with a darker, isolated feel for my piece. I took a different approach to creating the dynamic shadows and textures of this one. I have always loved the mix of light ink work, selective color and deeply saturated graphite, such as the work of Sam Wolfe. So I pulled out my brush pen, graphite powder, brushes and kneading eraser. I scanned my experimental figure in and colored it electronically, slowly building up layers of watercolor brushes and textures. 

    Overall I was very pleased with the results on this one. I’ve shown it to many of my close creative friends and they’ve loved it and but said that it doesn’t look like my work, which is a refreshing thing to hear. I need to spend the time to play around a little more and get back into what I used to do: being free and having fun with my art.

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