1. Detail
    Adding a little color

    Did a quick illustration for the adult soccer league I’m in. These will be on shirts that will go to the champions of this session. Had some fun playing around with a pastel textured Photoshop brush, doing quick, strong lines.

    I found this style inspiration from an amazing illustrator named Nick Iluzada. His use of very natural, energetic lines and textures are something I would like to explore more of in my digital illustration.


  2. final image for the poster
    drizzling ink by hand for the lettering

    In the process of making a fun piece for promoting the Poster Party that the AIGA Stout Student Group and Pepper are going to be hosting for next semester.

    Thought doing something a little more tactile would break out of my loads of computer work that I’ve been consumed by lately. I even got a nice spatter of ink on my shirt in the process… apron needed for my next session. I’m really working on expanding on merging photo and vector/text pieces together. Its just something that I don’t do often.¬†

    The final poster will be up soon and in the upcoming Pepper Magazine Issue No.04 : Time. The two organizations are hoping to get a couple designers/illustrators involved to help create some original screen printed posters that will later be sold as a fundraiser for AIGA and Pepper. Keep posted for mor details.